Make the most of your time at Harris by immersing yourself in all of our career development opportunities.

Take advantage of the resources and recommendations below to develop your personal action plan and find your ideal job.

Take the First Steps

  1. Establish HarrisLink account, complete your profiles, and upload your resume.
  2. Meet with your CDO counselor for the Career Development Office Intro Session. 
  3. Order Harris business cards

Plan Your Career Path

  1. Review the Career Development Guides and register for a workshop for critical career information and guidance on preparing your application materials, conducting industry research, networking, executing a successful interview, and negotiating job offers.
  2. Schedule an Individual Career Counseling session with a CDO counselor in one of the following areas:
    • Resume and Cover Letter Review
    • Employment and Internship Consultation
    • Skills and Values Clarification
    • Interviewing Skills and Mock Interviews
    • Offer Review / Salary Negotiations
  3. Make career decisions, set goals, and create a personal action plan.
  4. Create an Employer Tracking Spreadsheet to monitor job / internship opportunities, early application deadlines, career contacts, employer information, and professional organizations.
  5. Use the Campus Resources Guide to identify opportunities to strengthen your skills and professional networks (part-time work, volunteering, unpaid internships, informational interviewing, certifications) as a UChicago graduate student.

Expand your awareness of career options

  1. Review the weekly message from CDO that is sent on Sunday evenings via email.
  2. Establish account to search current jobs and internships, research a company, school or industry, find helpful career advice, and review best practices for crafting applications targeted at your career field of interest.
  3. Attend alumni career panels and guest lectures to explore career options in a variety of policy areas and sectors.
  4. Monitor job postings in HarrisLink on a daily basis.
  5. Establish a “search agent” in HarrisLink to target your job search to your specific interests. 

Conduct employer research

  1. Review employment resources by sector and by industry
  2. Consult the Think Tanks Directory
  3. Consult the Harris Employers listing
  4. Register for Employer Information Sessions to learn about potential organizations of interest to you and to network with recruiters
  5. Track your employer contacts

Build your network

Networking is a life skill that includes utilizing the latest technologies and developing a strategic approach to the trajectory of your career. Our workshops, resources, and counselors are dedicated to helping you realize your true professional potential.

  1. Meet and network with students and faculty at Harris and throughout the University.
  2. Become an active member in Harris student organizations related to your personal and/or professional interests.
  3. Attend talks and presentations at Harris and around campus, and network with attendees and presenters.
  4. Build a LinkedIn profile to research organizations and positions of interest to you, market your skills and accomplishments, and request informational interviews with industry professionals (update your profile at least twice a year).
  5. Take an active role in Harris and UChicago social media groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and learn more about using social media effectively in your career development. 
  6. Use the UChicago Alumni Directory to identify alumni working in your area(s) of interest and conduct informational interviews. 
  7. Keep in touch with former contacts from your undergraduate institution and past employers.
  8. Participate in the Harris Mentor Program to connect with policy professionals in your area(s) of interest.