Harris Public Policy Professor Jeffrey Grogger

Professor Jeffrey Grogger Discusses Traffic-Stop Analysis

Does peer review cast doubt on traffic-stop analysis?
Harris Public Policy Dean Katherine Baicker

Dean Katherine Baicker Discusses Politicized Research

Dean Baicker, whose Medicaid research has been politicized discourages "cherry-picking results"
Harris Public Policy Assistant Professor Amir Jina

Assistant Professor Amir Jina Discusses Puerto Rican Recovery

Economists, demographers present grim picture to Puerto Rico fiscal board
Harris Public Policy Professor Michael Greenstone

Professor Michael Greenstone Measures Pollution's Effect on Life Expectancy

Delhi's air pollution is triggering a health crisis
Harris Public Policy Professor Jens Ludwig

Professor Jens Ludwig Discusses CPD Early Intervention System

e Jury finds Chicago police officer shot friend in head, orders city to pay $44.7 million for leaving officer on the street
Energy Policy Institute Executive Director Sam Ori

EPIC Executive Director Sam Ori Discusses Energy-Efficiency Programs

Why government energy-efficiency programs sound great- but often don't work
Harris Public Policy Professor William Howell

Professor William Howell Discusses Roy Moore Allegations

Republican political operatives fear Roy Moore could lose race
Harris Public Policy Professor Chris Berry

Professor Chris Berry Discusses Regressive Property Taxes

Are affluent Americans willing to pay a little for a fairer society? A test case in Chicago
Harris Public Policy Professor Michael Belsky

Professor Michael Belsky on Municipal Market Tax Reform

Municipal market tax reform provisions are reckless and unacceptable
Harris Public Policy Postdoctoral Scholar Eric Potash

Postdoctoral Scholar Eric Potash Identifies Chicago's Most Remote Parks

The future for Chicago's most remote park