97% percent of graduates secured job offers within 6 months*

Studying public policy means many career options. With many options, we know finding the right fit can be a challenge.

While you’re a Harris student, we help you refine your career portfolio, provide professional growth opportunities and prepare you for interviews, negotiation, and effective workplace transitions through our Student-to-Candidate Life Cycle:

Whether it’s your first job or your next move, whether you’re looking to advance in your current organization or pivot to a new field, the Harris Career Development Office is here for you.

We believe your career path isn’t linear—it’s cyclical. That’s why we’re here through it all, from your years as a student to your life as an alum.

*Based on most recent data from 2017 (Class of 2016 Career Outcomes Report).

Data-driven city

Sunlight Foundation Fellows Shine Light on How Cities Work

Harris students, Joyce Xie and Wenjia Xie, participated as fellows in the research of the Washington-based Sunlight Foundation. Read about their experiences.