Boris Shor, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Boris Shor, an assistant professor at Chicago Harris, focuses on two primary research programs. The first is the empirical analysis of the policy consequences of enduring political institutions in the United States. Specifically, he recently examined the politics of the geographic distribution patterns of federal spending. The second area is the analysis of state legislative ideology in comparative context and the connection to cross-state policy differences. His institutional interests include the presidency, Congress, political parties, bureaucracy, and state governmental organization. In other research, he is focusing on the causes and consequences of the blue-red state divide in the U.S. Methodologically, he is interested in the applicability of multilevel models in analyzing complex data sets. Finally, Shor is interested in leveraging advanced computer technology in addressing substantive political questions. He has been involved in the Voteview/Voteworld project for more than a decade and, more recently, in a fifty-state roll call database project.

A Robert Wood Johnson Scholar in Health Policy from 2011-2013, Shor received his AB from Princeton University and his MPhil and PhD in political science from Columbia University. In 2004-2005, he was a visiting scholar in residence at Princeton University's Center for the Study of Democratic Politics.

Selected Working Papers
* "Stronger Bridges: Putting Congress and State Legislatures in Common Ideological Space," Harris School Working Paper (08.14), September 2008. * "A Bridge to Somewhere: Mapping State and Congressional Ideology on a Cross-Institutional Common Space" (with Christopher R. Berry and Nolan McCarty), Harris School Working Paper (07.12), May 2008.