Rekha Ramesh, MPP'99

Alumni Q&A: Rekha Ramesh, MPP’99

In her experience working in global health policy, Rekha Ramesh has observed more similarities than differences in countries around the world, indicating that international collaboration could be the model for solving future global health issues.
Jason Helgerson, MPP'95

Alumni Q&A: Jason Helgerson, MPP'95

Learn why Jason is convinced that the new Harris-LSE Double Executive Master's in Health Policy fills a gap in health policy education worldwide.
Rebecca Planchard, MPP'17

Alumni Q&A: Rebecca Planchard, MPP '17

Learn how Harris prepared Planchard for her job in the Chicago Mayor's Office where she focuses on early childhood policy.
Michael Shaver, MPP '96

Alumni Profile: Michael Shaver, MPP '96

Clarity can come from getting in over one’s head. Such was the case when Michael Shaver, MPP ’96, was a guest on talk radio debating the role of religion in public education.

Q&A: Ashton Lee and Maryiam Saifuddin (AB’14)

Kandie Alter, MPP '06

Alumni Q&A: Kandie Alter, MPP ’06

After accomplishing the goals she set for herself in technology sales, Kandie Alter considered charting a new path – one that would allow her to be a voice for the voiceless.
Zainab Imam, MPP ’15

Alumni Q&A: Zainab Imam, MPP ’15

Learn how Imam's experience at Harris has made a difference in the work she does—training journalists around the world.
guminski headshot

Alumni Q&A: Sarah Guminski, MPP '17

Learn why Sarah Guminski, MPP '17, decided to apply for a Master of Public Policy in order to think at the cross section of economics and social policy.

The Future Builder

Emily Perish, MPP '16

Alumni Spotlight: Emily Perish, MPP '16

Emily Perish, MPP '16, on the Certificate in Health Policy program at Harris